Ultrasound Mankato MN
Ultrasound Mankato MN

We Now Offer HD LIVE Ultrasound Technology

At Baby’s First Photos we truly value being able to bring you a memorable experience in seeing your new baby for the first time.

We are an established imaging facility and have been family owned and operated for over 9 years with two facilities operating in Southern California. We are excited to bring Baby’s First Photos to Mankato, MN. All of our ARDMS or ARDMS eligible sonographers have been extensively trained in the art of 4D imaging. We are proud to use to leading imaging system with our GE Voluson Expert.

Read what our customers are saying…

My wife and I were there earlier this evening to get the 3d/4d ultrasound done. I have to say that this has been the best experience we could have asked for. The technician who helped us (i’m so sorry, I didn’t catch her name)was so great! She was very patient with our stubborn baby who wouldn’t give her a good shot. Finally, after a few attempts, our baby gave us a wonderful shot and your technician made the experience awesome! From the beginning of the process, to talking us through the ultrasound explaining what is what, your very experienced and professional staff made our first 3d ultrasound unforgettable. The price was just right, the free gifts were great, and the DVD was unbelievable. This is going to make a great keepsake, thank you so much again and I will recommend your services to our friends who are expecting two months behind us.

My family and I were there on Thursday to see our little girl, and I have to say THANK YOU! The pictures came out beautifully, the best I have seen so far and everyone has commented on how clear and awesome they are. You were very professional and your office and staff had a warm atmosphere. I could have watched my daughter forever on that screen, and I was so surprised that the DVD I got was like reliving the whole experience again down to the music. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I am so glad I picked your office and I am so happy to have gotten a 3D/4D picture of my baby!! I have them all over my house already and I have already watched the DVD 4 times!! By the way I have already passed out your info to many other ladies in my area. THANK YOU AGAIN for such a warm, cozy and memorable event!!!

I just wanted to send a little thank you to let you know that my family and I had such a great experience over the weekend.  Our Sonographer was the best!  She made me feel very comfortable and she was fun too.  She also tried her hardest to get the best picture of the baby and I appreciated that.  Overall, we had the best experience and will come back if we have another one!  So thank you very much.  Will see you soon when we bring the baby in for his first pictures at Barefoot.

We had THIS 4D ultrasound done yesterday and I’ve decided he’s ALL ME!   If you’re pregnant, you should totally go have one of these 4D ultrasounds done!  They’re amazing!  We went at 18 weeks to find out the sex and then again (yesterday) at 28 weeks. They were local and the staff was super sweet!  Check them out if you can!